Best Flea & Tick Collars For Dogs

Find reviews for the best dog flea collars below – newly updated for 2018! A flea collar for dogs is one of the most popular ways of treating fleas and ticks and keeping your dog healthy and fit. Most flea and tick collars are inexpensive, last several months and are a fast and easy way to solve an age-old problem. In our reviews of dog flea and tick collars, we looked at the chemicals used in the product, the effectiveness of the collar and the overall look, price and durability of the flea collar. After reviewing the dog flea collars on the market, we have chosen the top dog flea collars:


Even though we recommend all of the products above, we do have our favorites. And with any flea and tick product used on our beloved pets, it’s important to consult your vet should you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of a dog and flea collar. Below are more detailed reviews of the products we recommend above. And for a quick and easy glance, note the star rating of each dog flea and tick collar.

Note our easy & exclusive STAR RANKINGS for each product.

Ranking & Reviews – Best Dog Flea & Tick Collars

Beloved Pets Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs Review  ★★★★★

Note this review is for the medium size collar, though this company has sizes for other dogs, including large and small puppies. The collar appears to have a strong, stable clasp – important for active dogs or those that like to scratch. The orange-colored collar is waterproof and effective for up to 4 months. Unlike some other dog flea collars, the odor was not strong and was even somewhat pleasant smelling. An excellent choice for a dog flea collar – we give the Beloved Pets Flea & Tick Collar for dogs our highest FIVE STAR rating!

DALLEX Flea and Tick Control Collar Review  ★★★★★

The DALLEX Flea and Tick Control Collar comes as a long, orange colored collar that is “cut-to-fit” – so it will fit most all dogs. The collar stays effective for about 60-90 days. The manufacturer claims the collar is “odorless”, though we detected an odor after opening the package. The somewhat chemical odor did, however, go away, shortly after we placed it on the dog and went for a walk. The manufacturer gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We agree with the many vets and dog owners that the DALLEX Flea and Tick Control Collar is a great product and give it our FIVE STAR rating.

Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs Review  ★★★★

The Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for (large) Dogs is a best seller at most online stores and pet stores. It is made by the Bayer corporation, who also manufactures the chemical used in many other dog flea and tick collars. It is also one of the more expensive collars compared to others. The manufacturer claims that it is effective for 8 months. Unlike many of the other collars, we detected no smell once opening the package. We give the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs our exclusive rating of FOUR STARS.

Anion Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs – Flea Collar for Dogs Review  ★★★

The Anion Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs – Flea Collar for Dogs is a one-size fits all. The collar is adjustable from small dogs to large dogs. The collar is odorless and is water-resistant. We give the Anion Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs – Flea Collar for Dogs product THREE STARS

Rolf Club 3D 6 Month FLEA Collar for Dogs Review  ★★★★★

The Rolf Club 3D 6 Month FLEA Collar for Dogs comes in three length sizes. This review is for the larger size. The product is imported and made in Germany. It has an exclusive formula that results in a six month length of time and is water-proof. It also does not have a smell or any powdery residue that some dog flea collars have. It is very effective for effective for fleas, eggs, larvae, ticks and mosquitoes. We give the Rolf Club 3D 6 Month FLEA Collar for Dogs our highest FIVEE STAR ranking!

When reviewing products, remember to compare the length of effectiveness to the price of the product. Also be aware of any reported odors or problems with the length and/or clasp of the dog’s flea collar.