6 Easy Recipes for Homemade Dog Shampoo You and Your Pup Will Love

Dog vitamins and dog bathsFor as long as dogs have been pets, they’ve been known to be dirty. In recent years, science has gone a step further to prove just how filthy our pooches can be. Despite this knowledge, many of our furry friends roam the home unwashed, covered in invisible bacteria. Cleaning a dog to expunge filth has always seemed like a hassle and an expensive hassle to boot.

Keep in mind, however, that there are times when a medicated shampoo, especially a medicated dog shampoo for ticks and fleas is necessary.

But if you just want a simple homemade shampoo, made from cleaning supplies & products in your home, there are several ways to make homemade dog shampoo that will leave your pooch cleaned up and your wallet full. Here are six options;

1. Homemade Vinegar and Dishwashing Soap Dog Shampoo

This combination is one of the most common shampoos you can make. The ingredients are widely available, and you likely already have them in your house.

For every 1 cup of water, add half a cup of white vinegar (apple cider vinegar works, too) and add hold a cup of dish soap. The quantities you use can change based on your pooch. If you have a big dog, double the recipe. For a chihuahua-sized pup, cut it in half.

There may be cause to switch around the proportions you’re using. For any kind of homemade dog shampoo, you should use the first wash as a test run.  Look for signs that your dog is happy. If your homemade dog shampoo is a hit, you’ll be able to tell. Maybe you’ll need to add more vinegar or less depending on the dog’s preference.

And if they don’t like one recipe, switch to another.

2. Simple & Easy Soap Dog Shampoo

A good next step is this combination: water, corn starch and coconut oil. Like the previous recipe, this one is also readily available in the average household.

Take one cup of corn starch and add one and a half cups of water to it. Next, add a spoonful of coconut oil to the mixture. The oil adds a much-needed smell to the soap which will leave your dog in a good-smelling state. This mixture is easy to make and easier to wash off your pooch after a wash. If that doesn’t seem like a satisfying option, there are more still.

3. Homespun Breakfast of Dog Shampoos

Oatmeal is a dynamic substance. Of course, millions of people eat it around the world, every day. But there are more ways to use oatmeal than meets the eye. Oatmeal uses range from anti-aging cream to air freshening. It’s no surprise that dog shampoos are also in the mix as oatmeal can add a breakfast-themed punch to your shampoo. But the benefit isn’t exactly nutritious–instead, the oats can give your dog’s skin much-needed healing help.

Blend the oatmeal in a food processor until it is finely-chopped, close to a powder. Mix one cup with four cups of water. Add one cup of baking soda to the mix.

This shampoo can leave your dog healthier while also cleaning it. A healthy dog means a happier dog, and a happier you.

4. One for the Fleas

Dogs get fleas, sadly. It’s a part of any dog owner’s day, every once in a while. But that day doesn’t need to include an expensive trip to the vet.

A great homemade dog shampoo will ride your pet of fleas while also cleaning it. The mixture used is designed to kill the fleas without damaging your dog’s skin. You can create such a mixture through the use of acidic liquids like vinegar. Just like the first recipe, vinegar plays a central role–but it’s even more important in this recipe.

Take one quart of water and one cup of vinegar. Add a cup of dish soap. As you soak your pup with this mixture, fleas will flee (or maybe die).

Your dog will be scratching less in no time.

5. Prevent Fungus with This Dog Shampoo

Dogs can suffer a wide range of skin problems. One major one is fungus.

Boil a few cups of water and let a rosemary stem steep in the pot. Once that liquid is cooled, it has some anti-fungal properties that plain water lacks. Mix this water with dishwashing soap, roughly using a two to one water to soap ratio. On top of removing and preventing fungus, this mixture will moisturize a dog’s fur.

But there are also DIY options for pet-owners who don’t love to get wet.

6. Want to Ditch the Water? Try a Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

Washing a dog is often associated with getting soaked in a tub. That can be a fun time–the washer ends up getting as clean as the washed.

But you might not always want to get soaked. And it might not be the best thing for a dog, either. Many dogs suffer from dry skin issues, just like people. It’s difficult to know if your dog has a skin issue. Don’t wait until you wash it to find out–head to the vet before to get a diagnosis. If a dog has a dry skin issue, water can make things worse. That’s why you should stick with a dry rub. The proportions are up to you, but stick to the general guidelines.

Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it with half a cup of corn starch. You’re not making a cake–adding a few drops of essential oils will turn this combo into a useful homemade dog shampoo. Rub down the dog and let it shake off the mixture.

This dry shampoo should leave your dog smelling fresh and feeling smooth. Best of all, there won’t be any wet mess to clean up after.

It’s Time to Make Homemade Dog Shampoo

Is your dog dirty? You no longer need to turn a blind eye. With these recipes, you have a wide range of choices to keep your pet clean. The average grooming fee can be up to ninety dollars. That’s why you should stick to homemade dog shampoo. It’s just as effective and a fraction of the cost.

Now go clean your pooch. Good luck!