6 Ways to Know if You Have a Healthy Dog

healthy dogMost dog owners want their dog to be healthy and happy. But how can a dog owner know if you have a healthy dog without going to the vet? Here are 6 easy ways to check to see if yourdog or puppy is healthy and happy.


1. Check Your Dog’s Hair, Coat and Skin

One of the most important things about your dog is their coat! A healthy coat of hair should be shiny, glossy and pliable to the touch – no dry and brittle hairs. The hair should also be free from any dandruff while the overall coat should be complete; no bald spots or places where the hair is thinning excessively. Read more 6 Ways to Know if You Have a Healthy Dog

6 Easy Recipes for Homemade Dog Shampoo You and Your Pup Will Love

Dog vitamins and dog bathsFor as long as dogs have been pets, they’ve been known to be dirty. In recent years, science has gone a step further to prove just how filthy our pooches can be.


Despite this knowledge, many of our furry friends roam the home unwashed, covered in invisible bacteria. Cleaning a dog to expunge filth has always seemed like a hassle–and an expensive hassle to boot.

But did you know you can make all the cleaning supplies you need in your house? There are several ways to make homemade dog shampoo that will leave your pooch cleaned up and your wallet full.

Here are six. Read more 6 Easy Recipes for Homemade Dog Shampoo You and Your Pup Will Love

Choosing the Right Diet for Your Dog

Dog diet top dog vitaminsMost people feed their dogs with only meat since they have the notion that dogs are strictly carnivorous. That should not be the case. First of all, unlike cats, dogs are not strictly carnivorous. They need to be given a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet should include non-meat foods such as fruits and vegetables since they are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and fiber among more.

The right diet for your dog is one that meets its nutritional needs. However, knowing which food is nutritious for a dog can be tricky especially if one has no experience with dogs. To identify the best foods, it is good that one seeks advice from a veterinary. Nevertheless, there are supplements one can use to ensure the dog is healthy regardless of the diet.

Here is a glimpse of some of the best supplements for a healthy dog; Read more Choosing the Right Diet for Your Dog

Sustaining Healthy Joints In Large Breed Dogs

Joint Pain in Large Dogs

From Great Danes to St. Bernards to Newfies, large breed dogs are a lovable and friendly bunch. As with every dog type, large breed dogs are susceptible to certain health problems. In particular, trouble with their joints. For many large breed owners, figuring out preventative measures that can prolong the health of their beloved pets is a high priority. One of the most common preventative and non-prescription aids is a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement.

Signs and Symptoms of Joint Discomfort in Large Dogs

Problems with joints in large breed dogs presents itself in a wide range of symptoms, here are a few common ones that dogs owners can be paying attention to. If your dog is showing any of these signs or symptoms, have your vet check them out.

Read more Sustaining Healthy Joints In Large Breed Dogs

Dog Ear Cleaner: 5 Best Options for Your Pup

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of keeping your pup healthy. But don’t grab a Q-Tip! Read on for the top 6 dog ear cleaner choices!

Grooming your dog involves more than just frequent washing and brushing. Though many pet owners often forget, grooming should also include cleaning your dog’s ears.

While us humans use q-tips to keep our ears free of clogs, dogs don’t have that luxury! Do your dog’s ears need a good cleaning? Want to learn how to take good care of your dog’s ears?

If so, keep reading. We will cover a variety of topics, including which dog ear cleaner solution works the best. Read more Dog Ear Cleaner: 5 Best Options for Your Pup

Top 7 Healthiest Dogs You’ll Love to Love


You want your furry friend to be healthy, just like your family, right? Beyond food, regular checkups and vitamins, here are the top 7 healthiest dogs for you to love.

Dog lovers know there is possibly no more rich and rewarding relationship than the one you can have with your pet. In fact, there are many people out there who may not be embarrassed to admit that they love their dog more than people!Plus, when it comes to being healthy, there is growing evidence that dogs are the new probiotics for humans! Their bacteria and fungi are actually linked to humans being healthier. Read more Top 7 Healthiest Dogs You’ll Love to Love