Best Dog Ear, Eye, and Teeth Medications

“Love doesn’t come from a dog’s heart, it comes from a dogs eyes.” – Jackie Shelton

Having a happy dog means taking care of a dogs eyes, ears and teeth. Other than a dog’s coat or fur, the most obvious clues to a dogs health is a quick look into their eyes or into their mouth. Most dog owners will tell you that they often know something might be wrong with their best friend when they look into their eyes.

Looking into your dog or puppies eyes can often spot health problems. Sometimes these health problems can be associated with a dogs heart or nervous system. Though often, we may not know what is wrong, just that our dogs eyes are telling us that something just isn’t right.

Another signal to dog owners that all may not be ok, is what’s going on in your dogs ears. Dogs may go along time without any type of ear problem. However, one day your dog may start itching, or telling you that something is indeed wrong with their ears. A dogs ear, both inside and outside, is larger than their human companions. This goes back to when a dogs hearing was one of its most important senses. From guard dogs to sheep dogs, a dog’s hearing and ear health is an important part of a healthy and happy dog.

Eye Care for Dogs

When we first look at our beloved dogs, the first thing we gaze into is their eyes.

But are our dogs eyes ok? A dogs eyes should be clear and shiny. And just like people, the area around the eyeball (pupil), should be white. The pupils should be the same size. There also should not be any excessive tearing or lots of crusting in the corners of the dogs eyes. You can also check the eyelids by gently turning it inside out and making sure it is pink – not red or white.

And of course, a dogs teeth health, just like it’s owners, is also an important part of a dogs heath routine. A dogs teeth and mouth are very much like their owners. Proper brushing and cleaning will help keep a dogs teeth strong and viable into old age. Proper dog dental hygiene also involve healthy gums.

Proper ear, eye and dental care for dogs is important. As dog owners, we are fortunate that there are many products out there that help us keep our pets eyes, ears & teeth clean. However, just like in any product decision, there are often too many products from which to choose. We have reviewed the and rated the best dog ear, eye and dental care – so you don’t have to!