Which Travel Dog Food Carrier is Right For Your Dog?

travel dog with foodWhen it comes to travel dog food carriers, there are many different options on the market.

The best type of travel dog food carrier for your pet depends on your dog’s size, where you’ll be going, the type of dog food they are eating and other factors.

Knowing which options are available on the market will help you make the right choice.

Kurgo Kibble Carrier

This durable dog food container is designed to keep dog food fresh, even if you’re going away for several days. Side pouches on the Kibble Carrier make it much easier to tote treats around. The bottom of the bag opens up to hold a collapsible dog food bowl, so you’ll be able to keep your dog food bowl and dog food in the same container.

Who might like this bag? The Kurgo Kibble Container holds a lot of food (up to 5 pounds!), so even if you’ve got a large dog, this carrier is useful. The Kibble Carrier also collapses down to a smaller size when it’s not being used to its full capacity. This is an excellent dog food carrier if you regularly take your dog on short trips and don’t want to waste a lot of space in your bags.

Odd Dog Company Large Travel Pet Dog Food Carrier

Similar to the Kurgo Kibble, the Odd Dog Company Large Travel Pet Dog Food Carrier is a durable cloth bag that collapses to a smaller size for convenient travel. This container is slightly different from the Kibble Carrier in that it doesn’t have any special containers for dog treats or a collapsible bowl.

The Odd Dog Company bag does hold more food, however, so it’s perfect for long trips and for dogs with a big appetite. The convenient handle around the top makes this bag easier to tote around than some others.

Who might like this bag? The people large pets and people who go on extensive trips with their pet will appreciate this food bag. Food stays dry in this container, which makes camping and other outdoor activities much easier.

Shvan Collapsible Dog Bowl, Portable Travel Dog Bowl Kit for Food and Water

This bag holds the same amount of food as the Odd Dog Company bag, but has an advantage over the Odd Dog Bag. Namely, this bag comes with two collapsible cloth bowls that can hold food and water. This is a significant advantage for people who have space concerns.

The cloth construction makes this bag lightweight when it’s empty. The large dog bowls on each side are 5 1/2″ wide and 3 inches high. Each bowl holds either 2 1/2 cups of wet or dry dog food or up to 12 ounces of water. But the best part? It’s oly 3/4 of an inch high when it’s empty and squashed! To use, just unzip it and pop it up.

Who might like this bag? People who need to carry around a lot of food and who don’t want to waste effort lugging around heavy or clunky dog bowls will appreciate this container.

Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

This hard plastic travel container is best for pet owners who are hard on their luggage and who don’t need to carry around a lot of food. The Travel-Tainer is very durable but has a relatively small holding capacity. It does come with two detachable bowls for food and water.

Who might like this bag? People who don’t anticipate bringing their pets on long trips will appreciate how durable this container is.

Picking the right container will make traveling with your dog easier, so do your research before buying a product. When in doubt, you can always buy more than one travel container to meet your needs.