How to Prepare & Dress Your Dog for Winter

Dog with scarf and winter background.You either understand it or you don’t: the relationship between a dog and its owner. Dogs alert us, guard us, track for us, hunt for us, and serve as companions to us. Dogs descended from wolves, but we domesticated them. Therefore, they no longer know how to care for themselves as they did in the wild. We shower dogs with love. We feed them choice dog food. We make sure they receive the finest medical care. Often, we pile them up in our own beds. Many even view their pets as family members. Regardless of whether we see our dogs as part of our families or as our precious companions, it is our responsibility to care for them and to keep them safe and happy. In the wintertime, this can be especially problematic as cold temperatures set in; however, there are some helpful tips for making sure your dog is prepared for the change in weather.

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Your Guide to Dog Body Language

Happy dog and girl outdoors.A dog is a man’s best friend, and it is important for friends to understand each other. This goes for pet owners everywhere. One of the key steps dog owners need to take is understanding the body language of their dog. Pets do not have the ability to communicate in the same way people do. Therefore, dogs use other ways to communicate with pets and their owners.

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Tackling Dog Anxiety: Common Causes and Potential Solutions

What to do About Dog AnxietyAccording to animal behaviorists, up to 40 percent of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Other forms of anxiety can affect dogs as well, often leaving their owners at quite a loss on how to help them.

In fact, many dog owners are simply not prepared to handle the concerning behaviors that arise as their pets start to feel anxious. Their dog may howl, whine, and bark constantly or even start to tear up the house to cope with how they are feeling.

Knowing how to help is even more difficult, since there are so many different ways anxiety arises and presents in dogs. But an understanding of all the different forms of anxiety in dogs can help. With this information, you can pinpoint the cause of the anxiety and start working toward a solution. Use this guide to get started.

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Dogs and Their Human Owners Need to Play With Dog Toys!

play-with-dog-is-good-exerciseDog vitamins and supplements are usually great for your dog or puppy. But sometimes a simple toy or play thing will do wonders for a dog or puppies well-being. Most good dog toys encourage your dog to run and be active. However, other toys encourage your dogs thinking and reasoning skills – which becomes more important as your dog ages.

The Importance of Dog Play and Dog Toys

Just like all work and no play makes a dog owner an unhappy person to be around, the same applies to a dog. Dogs that simply sleep and eat all day and don’t have the chance to get outside and play, can sometimes exhibit signs of depression and/or lethargy. And even though walks with your dog are great, playtime with your dog is even better. Read more Dogs and Their Human Owners Need to Play With Dog Toys!

Why Your Dog Needs a Leash on Walks

dogs-need-leashesDog collars and leashes are important for any dog owner. When walking or controlling a dog, a proper dog neck restraint, using a leash or collar, is important. Certain dog and leash collars also have many colors, styles and personalizations. It’s important that they are made well, with heavy construction. Using the proper dog restraint is important with older dogs, especially those with dog hip and joint pain, so as to not aggregate the areas of dog pain.

When buying a dog leash, harness or vest halter, know what you are going to use it for. In other words, is it for your casual evening stroll? Or is it being bought for your best friend to run along side, behind or in front as you jog or bicycle? Many time, dog owners will buy two different styles, depending on their needs. Regardless, don’t forget to take the harness off and let the dog run free occasionally. It’s great exercise and fun for him or her! Read more Why Your Dog Needs a Leash on Walks

Don’t Eat That! 60+ Toxic Foods and Non-Food Items That Pets Shouldn’t Ingest

Healthy PetsMost people tend to think of their pets as part of their family. Pets provide company, friendship and will listen to our problems without complaint. In return, we reciprocate with companionship and provide them with a comfortable place to sleep, medical care and food. We also have a responsibility to keep them safe.

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