Tips for Choosing a Vet

picking the right vetOwning a pet comes with extensive responsibilities which include finding the right veterinary care. Any city might have several options for veterinarians that attend to popular pets, such as dogs.

We make plenty of choices for our dogs. What is the best dog food or the correct medications for an older dog. But choosing the right vet is one of the most important decisions a dog owner has to make.

The questions that immediately comes to mind is how does a responsible pet owner choose the best vet for a pet’s care needs. With these tips, people can determine which vet will best serve their needs.

Ask for Recommendations

There is no one right clinic or vet for everyone, so getting suggestions from friends and relatives who live nearby can be useful. Read more Tips for Choosing a Vet

The Best Tools for Dog & Puppy Training

dog training toolsWith all the new devices and smart technology on the market, searching for the right dog training tools can be overwhelming for new trainers. But dog owners don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get their pups to behave.

It’s possible to train a dog without buying anything but the bare basics (e.g., leash, collar, etc.), but these tools can make the process a lot easier on both the trainer and the dog.

Using Dog Treats As a Reward

Arguably the best incentive for a dog to train, treats make it easier to reinforce certain behaviors. Read more The Best Tools for Dog & Puppy Training

5 Things to Look for in a Dog Training School

Choose the right dog school

A dog training school doesn’t have to be award-winning to be good, but there are a few things that a dog owner should look for before they decide on a winner.

The wrong training school will not only waste money, it can also potentially instill poor behavior in a still impressionable dog. Aside from verifying the place uses humane training methods and rewards, owners should look for the following five qualities so they end up with the results they want.

Read Reviews of the Training School

Testimonials on the trainer’s website aren’t likely to give a potential customer very much to go off of, but a list of reviews from an independent website will give dog owners an idea of what the dog trainer is like. Read more 5 Things to Look for in a Dog Training School

Choosing the Best Fur Brush For Your Dog

Being a responsible pet owner requires dog owners to do more than feed their dog daily, take them on a walk and give them plenty of love. Grooming is also an essential part of pet care, as it not only keeps dogs looking great but it also allows them to stay healthy and feel well.

Dog owners should take the time to brush their pets regularly, but each coat will vary based on the breed of the animal. It’s important to choose the best grooming product for your particular breed of dog. These tips can help any dog owner choose the right fur brush for their pet: Read more Choosing the Best Fur Brush For Your Dog

Potty Training Puppies: 5 Steps to Successfully House Training a New Dog

Puppy dog potty training

The joy of bringing a new puppy home can be quickly dampened—literally—by their tendency to do their ‘business’ in the house. While dog potty training can be an ongoing process, owners can get their pup on track generally within a couple of weeks with the right approach, consistency and lots of praise. In addition to training tips, a dogs poor potty habits may be attributed to poor intestinal bacteria. In those cases, good dog probiotics may help in house training. Assuming your dog has great intestinal bacteria and “goes” regularly, the below training tips may also help new owners avoid common dog house training mistakes and propel the house breaking process.

1. Go On 24/7 Puppy Patrol

Owners need to know where dogs are constantly during the potty training stages. Read more Potty Training Puppies: 5 Steps to Successfully House Training a New Dog

How to Pick the Best Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Best Dog Breed for Your LifestyleSomeone who spends their days wishing for a wagging tail to be greeting them at the door might be ready to take the next big step and adopt a dog. However, not every dog breed is right for every person. An aspiring pet owner should take the time to evaluate their current living situation. Then they should compare that with the needs and characteristics of the dog breed they are considering.

This guide will help explain the best ways to pick the right dog breed for any lifestyle.

Consider Availability

Adopting a dog is a major time commitment. So any new pet owner must be ready to spend time helping their pet adjust to life within their home. Read more How to Pick the Best Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle