How to Fly with a Dog: Travel Safe and Avoid Tragedy By Following These Tips

How to Fly with a Dog

How to Fly on an Airplane With DogsThere are a few reasons that you might want to fly with your dog. Maybe you are taking a vacation and want to travel with your dog. Your vacation may not feel complete without man’s best friend tagging along. If you are planning a move across the country, you are going to need to bring your dog on the plane. You certainly cannot pack your four-legged friend in the moving van with all of your belongings, which means that flying with your dog is the only option.

You love your dog, and you want him or her to be safe while flying. To make the entire process easier for you, we have compiled all the information that you will need before boarding the plane. Your dog is your best friend, so their safety is your number-one priority.

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How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?

How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?When you get a dog, there is not a manual telling you all the things your pet needs. You may feel uncertain about key points, such as the right amount of food to feed your dog. The amount of food your pet needs may change over time based on their age and condition. A dog’s dietary needs are an important piece of its wellness and health; therefore, you should be mindful of how much and what you are feeding your dog.

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What is AAFCO and What Does it Do For Your Dog’s Food?

What AAFCO is for the Pet/Livestock Food Industry, and What AAFCO Does Not DoIn many industries, there are active programs and collaborations intended to keep government at bay and let the guidance and direction on better business practices be determined by the industry itself. These industry associations make a point of providing and requiring compliance with better practice standards that all their members participate in willingly. In doing so, the associations generally regulate their industries, and the companies working in those markets seek out the association’s membership to boost their credibility and market reach. Both then work as a defense that the industry can “police itself” instead of having to deal with generic government regulation over that industry.

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How to Care For Your Dog After Spaying and Neutering

a gray puppy wearing a plastic cone collar and being examined by a vetSpaying or neutering is a major event in a dog’s life. As you may already know, there are several possible health benefits that come with doing so including helping to control the dog population and reducing the number of homeless pets. Currently, there are about 3.3 million dogs in shelters, and these dogs include strays, surrendered dogs, dogs rescued from animal cruely, and puppies that owners didn’t know about until it was too late and couldn’t take care of. Because of this, population control is extremely important not only for population control but also for dog’s health. Spaying and neutering can also prevent uterine cancer in female dogs and cancer of the testicles in male dogs.

That apart, your pet will need to be properly cared for to help them make a full recovery in the shortest time. You’ll also need to watch out for signs of trouble and know when to call your vet for help.

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How to Clean a Dog’s Teeth

Dental Hygiene Tips and Tricks for the Dog OwnerIf you want to save your dog from a wide range of health issues, pay attention to their dental care. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, as well as regular veterinary visits, are key in preventing periodontal disease and infection. Failure to take care of your pet’s teeth may result in loss of teeth, pain, bleeding, aggressive behavior, and damage to major organs such as the heart and liver. Plus, regular brushing helps get rid of dog-breath, which may be indicative of tooth decay. Start today and be consistent: consistency allows your pet to become familiar with the process and less fearful.

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