How to Eliminate Pet Odors in Your Home

a yellow lab puppy laying next to a wet stain on a gray carpetIt’s said that a dog is man’s best friend. However, there are also problems that can be caused by man’s best friend. Whether someone is house training a new dog or trying to look after a dog that is aging, pet stains and odors can show up at any time. Stains also seem to appear when you least expect them. If someone neglects a pet stain or doesn’t clean up an odor properly, it can lead to serious damage to not only your comfort but also the home itself.

For this reason, everyone who owns or takes care of a dog needs to know how to eliminate pet stains and odors. This starts with understanding some of the common sources of pet odors and where they come from.

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How to Prepare & Dress Your Dog for Winter

Dog with scarf and winter background.You either understand it or you don’t: the relationship between a dog and its owner. Dogs alert us, guard us, track for us, hunt for us, and serve as companions to us. Dogs descended from wolves, but we domesticated them. Therefore, they no longer know how to care for themselves as they did in the wild. We shower dogs with love. We feed them choice dog food. We make sure they receive the finest medical care. Often, we pile them up in our own beds. Many even view their pets as family members. Regardless of whether we see our dogs as part of our families or as our precious companions, it is our responsibility to care for them and to keep them safe and happy. In the wintertime, this can be especially problematic as cold temperatures set in; however, there are some helpful tips for making sure your dog is prepared for the change in weather.

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Dog Paw Maintenance For Beginners

dog paw cleaningDog paws need care just like the rest of their bodies. Dog owners who take care of their dog’s paws can help prevent injuries that could cause pain and suffering for their pet. Here’s what pet owners need to know about taking care of their dog’s paws.

Trim Nails Regularly

Dogs have claws that can cause injury to themselves and others if they aren’t trimmed regularly. Dog claws can also scratch floors and other surfaces, so proper nail trimming is important. Dog owners who have their own dog trimming tools can do this on their own.

Groomers also trim dog claws. Dogs who get nervous about claw trimming time often respond better to professional groomers who know how to keep dogs calm during the process. Dog owners who have a hard time soothing their nervous pet find groomers helpful.  Read more Dog Paw Maintenance For Beginners

5 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Groomer

dog grooming tipsTaking a dog to a groomer who would prefer to stay at home is not an appealing option for many dog owners. The fear and apprehension may even keep owners from taking their dogs to their regular dog grooming.

However, the health benefits of grooming thoroughly outweigh the discomfort it may mean to take them to the groomer. Every dog will react differently depending on their personality and the circumstances that surround their visit.

Owners can use the following tips to help their dog (and themselves) feel more relaxed when on the road and at the groomer. Read more 5 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Groomer

Choosing the Best Fur Brush For Your Dog

Being a responsible pet owner requires dog owners to do more than feed their dog daily, take them on a walk and give them plenty of love. Grooming is also an essential part of pet care, as it not only keeps dogs looking great but it also allows them to stay healthy and feel well.

Dog owners should take the time to brush their pets regularly, but each coat will vary based on the breed of the animal. It’s important to choose the best grooming product for your particular breed of dog. These tips can help any dog owner choose the right fur brush for their pet: Read more Choosing the Best Fur Brush For Your Dog