Tips for Boarding Your Pets During the Holiday Season

holiday dog boardingGoing out of town or traveling in winter with a dog can be a rather dramatic action for both pet owners and their pets. Most owners would prefer having a trusted family member or friend swing by so they can preserve the pet’s routine.

But unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. (This is especially true over the holidays when practically everyone has made special plans.) So if the regular pet-sitter just can’t swing it this year, pet owners should consider these tips for smarter boarding. 

Plan Ahead 

Kennels and pet hotels will fill up quickly around the holidays and the last thing a pet owner needs is to be stuck with a facility that has seen better days. Read more Tips for Boarding Your Pets During the Holiday Season

The Best Tools for Dog & Puppy Training

dog training toolsWith all the new devices and smart technology on the market, searching for the right dog training tools can be overwhelming for new trainers. But dog owners don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get their pups to behave.

It’s possible to train a dog without buying anything but the bare basics (e.g., leash, collar, etc.), but these tools can make the process a lot easier on both the trainer and the dog.

Using Dog Treats As a Reward

Arguably the best incentive for a dog to train, treats make it easier to reinforce certain behaviors like dogs not jumping. Read more The Best Tools for Dog & Puppy Training

5 Things to Look for in a Dog Training School

Choose the right dog school

A dog training school doesn’t have to be award-winning to be good, but there are a few things that a dog owner should look for before they decide on a winner.

The wrong training school will not only waste money, it can also potentially instill poor behavior in a still impressionable dog. Aside from verifying the place uses humane training methods and rewards, owners should look for the following five qualities so they end up with the results they want.

Read Reviews of the Training School

Testimonials on the trainer’s website aren’t likely to give a potential customer very much to go off of, but a list of reviews from an independent website will give dog owners an idea of what the dog trainer is like. Read more 5 Things to Look for in a Dog Training School

Top 7 Healthiest Dogs You’ll Love to Love

You want your furry friend to be healthy, just like your family, right? Beyond good grain-free dog food, regular checkups and vitamins, here are the top 7 healthiest dogs for you to love.

Dog lovers know there is possibly no more rich and rewarding relationship than the one you can have with your pet. In fact, there are many people out there who may not be embarrassed to admit that they love their dog more than people! Plus, when it comes to being healthy, there is growing evidence that dogs are the new probiotics for humans! Their bacteria and fungi are actually linked to humans being healthier. Read more Top 7 Healthiest Dogs You’ll Love to Love