Dog Hip Dysplasia, Signs & Treatment

dog=dysplasia-hip-joint-painHip dysplasia in a dog was once believed to be hereditary and then only in large strains. But now, it can, in fact, affect any dog.

This dog health issue can stem from over exertion at an early age in a dog’s life as the hip joint is still developing.

However, Injury at a young age could be another cause of dog hip dysplasia. Even repetitive movement in puppies could be a cause of hip dysplasia. Read more Dog Hip Dysplasia, Signs & Treatment

Common Signs of Illness in Dogs

Taking care of a puppy or dog means being responsible for their health. Those becoming pet owners for the first time may want to learn more about how to maintain their pet’s health and how to recognize the initial signs of a problem.

Understand more about common signs of illness in canines today.

Changes in Body Language or Behavior

Initially, a dog may not express signs of illness. However, a pet owner may see an alteration in body language that can be a sign of discomfort or illness.

Read more Common Signs of Illness in Dogs

Traveling With Dogs This Summer? Follow These Tips

Travel with a dogTraveling with your dog can be a fun bonding experience, but dogs also make traveling complicated.

These tips can help you have a more enjoyable and less chaotic travel experience when you go on holiday with your dog.

Keep Your Dog Medically Covered

If your dog is on medicine, refill the prescription before leaving. Read more Traveling With Dogs This Summer? Follow These Tips

Tips for Choosing a Vet

picking the right vetOwning a pet comes with extensive responsibilities which include finding the right veterinary care. Any city might have several options for veterinarians that attend to popular pets, such as dogs.

We make plenty of choices for our dogs. What is the best dog food or the correct medications for an older dog. But choosing the right vet is one of the most important decisions a dog owner has to make.

The questions that immediately comes to mind is how does a responsible pet owner choose the best vet for a pet’s care needs. With these tips, people can determine which vet will best serve their needs.

Ask for Recommendations

There is no one right clinic or vet for everyone, so getting suggestions from friends and relatives who live nearby can be useful. Read more Tips for Choosing a Vet