Choosing the Right Diet for Your Dog

Dog diet top dog vitaminsMost people feed their dogs with only meat since they have the notion that dogs are strictly carnivorous. That should not be the case. First of all, unlike cats, dogs are not strictly carnivorous. They need to be given a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet should include non-meat foods such as fruits and vegetables since they are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and fiber among more.

The right diet for your dog is one that meets its nutritional needs. However, knowing which food is nutritious for a dog can be tricky especially if one has no experience with dogs. To identify the best foods, it is good that one seeks advice from a veterinary. Nevertheless, there are supplements one can use to ensure the dog is healthy regardless of the diet.

Here is a glimpse of some of the best supplements for a healthy dog;

  • Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics are microorganisms or bacteria that live in the digestive tract. They are essential in boosting the immune system of a dog, and also, they can be used when a dog is experiencing stomach or digestion problems.

Given that probiotics are bacteria living in the digestive tract, how then does one feed a dog? One feeds the dog by feeding the probiotics with prebiotics. Some of the prebiotics include bananas, apples, mushrooms and garlic among more.

  • Fish oil for Dogs

Just like in people, fish oil is essential for the health of a dog. There are different types of fish oils namely; Omega 3, 6 and 9. The most recommended one is Omega 3. It is perfect for reducing allergic reactions as well as inflammation. According to scientists, most dogs are likely to get cancer at one point in their life time. With Omega 3, a dog can live longer since it ensures that cancer does not grow or spread any further.

It is important that extensive research is done before buying any fish oil to avoid being conned. Natural foods such as canned sardines and quality eggs can be a good starting point when searching for Omega 3.

  • Vitamins for Dogs

Vitamins are essential in the life of a dog. If a dog is not getting enough vitamins or minerals from food, one needs to consider vitamins and supplements for your dog. For example, a dog needs to have enough minerals such as calcium for healthy bones. Nevertheless, one must seek his or her veterinary’s advice when getting the supplements.

Apart from supplements, one can also feed the dog with organic foods. There are different organic foods for dogs. Some of them include Grain free duck and white fish, Beef and liver grain, Trudog real meat organic dog food and Castor and Pollux organic among more. Dog owners should consider some of these organic foods since they are essential in reducing allergic reactions, digestive disorders and they boost the dog’s immunity.

In conclusion, only the owner of a dog can know what is best for the dog since he or she is the only one who spends time with it. Nevertheless, it is good that one does extensive research on the best food choice for a dog to avoid having weakling dogs.