Best Dog Hair, Skin & Coat Products

Perhaps nothing else says “dog” than a dog’s hair, skin and coat.


dog hair poodleMost people, even people that may not love dogs, can usually name and identify several dog breeds. This identification is not only from a dog’s size, but from the dog’s hair and coat. Visualize a German Shepard and you see a fairly large dog with short, darker hair. Visualize a poodle and you see a smaller dog with lighter, curly hair.

However, a dog’s hair and fur are not the same thing. Just like in humans, both hair and fur are made out of a protein compound called keratin. However, they are different in both look and feel and, and as a result, require different type of attention and cleaning with specialized brushes and oils, like essential oils.

What is the difference between a dog’s hair and fur? Do both cause allergies for those that may be allergic to “dogs”? In many cases, dogs with hair vs. fur, such as Afghan Hounds, certain Terriers and Poodles, are not as likely to set off a persons allergies than those dogs with fur.

However, it’s usually not the actual fur that causes allergies. Usually, allergies from dogs are triggered by a dog’s skin and saliva. As the skin sheds (as all skin does shed, even our own), the small microscopic flakes remain in the fur. As the dog moves about or is petted, these allergens are released into the air. Unfortunately, since puppies are growing and tend to shed more skin (and are much more active), they tend to trigger more allergies than older dogs.

And because a dog’s hair, coat and skin are what makes a dog a dog, many products have been created to clean, wash and sooth a dog’s skin.