Traveling With Dogs This Summer? Follow These Tips

Travel with a dogTraveling with your dog can be a fun bonding experience, but dogs also make traveling complicated.

These tips can help you have a more enjoyable and less chaotic travel experience when you go on holiday with your dog.

Keep Your Dog Medically Covered

If your dog is on medicine, refill the prescription before leaving. Bring extra medicine with you, just in case your journey home is delayed. Look up the information for the local emergency vet at your destination, then keep that information on hand throughout your trip. Also be sure to have the phone number for your dog’s normal veterinarian plugged into your phone. This way, if your dog has a medical emergency while you’re traveling, you’ll be able to touch base with your dog’s normal veterinarian while you seek emergency services.

Research Pet-Friendly Venues At Your Destination

Some restaurants allow dogs in their outdoor patios, others don’t. Some parks allow dogs, others don’t. Make a list of dog-friendly spots at your destination so you can plan an itinerary that allows you and your dog to spend time together while you’re gone.

Give the Hotel and Airline a Heads Up

The hotel where you’ll be staying and the airline that you’ll be flying on with your dog may have policies that allow dogs, but these businesses usually need to know in advance when a guest or passenger will be bringing an animal. When you call, find out the policies regarding dogs. Your dog’s airline may have a weight limit, and your hotel is likely to have a policy that states your dog cannot be left in the hotel without you. Knowing these details in advance can help you plan.

Take Small Trips to “Practice”

Some dogs get nervous when they leave home. Taking small trips is a good way to gauge your dog’s feelings about travel. Doing this can also help quell any anxiety that your dog may feel when the big trip finally comes. Going out into the world and coming home safely every time teaches your dog that travel can be fun and safe.

While you’re on small trips, write down any lessons you learn about dog care while you’re on the road. Keep notes on hand so you’ll be better prepared when the time comes to go somewhere far away. Make packing lists so you’ll know what to bring, and what not to bring. Revise your packing list with each trip you take, so you’ll be sure not to forget something important.

Get a Safety Harness For Your Car

Dogs need to wear their seat belt just like people. If you’re going on a road trip and you don’t have a safety harness for your dog already, now is the time to get one. Talk to your dog’s vet to find out whether he or she recommends a specific brand. Practice using the harness before going on a long road trip.

Bring Something Comforting From Home

Some dogs feel anxious when they’re traveling. If your dog is nervous, bring something comforting from home to help stabilize your dog’s mood and soothe his or her fears. This might be a soft blanket, a favorite toy or a favorite type of treat. Keep it with your dog throughout the journey, so he or she will feel assured that everything is alright.

For more information about traveling this summer with your dog, talk to your pet’s veterinarian. Tell the veterinarian where you’re going, and follow any advice the vet may have for you. Finally, remember to have fun! The more time you and your pet spend together, the better you’ll both feel about your journey.