Dogs and Their Human Owners Need to Play With Dog Toys!

play-with-dog-is-good-exerciseDog vitamins and supplements are usually great for your dog or puppy. But sometimes a simple toy or play thing will do wonders for a dog or puppies well-being. Most good dog toys encourage your dog to run and be active. However, other toys encourage your dogs thinking and reasoning skills – which becomes more important as your dog ages.

The Importance of Dog Play and Dog Toys

Just like all work and no play makes a dog owner an unhappy person to be around, the same applies to a dog. Dogs that simply sleep and eat all day and don’t have the chance to get outside and play can sometimes exhibit signs of depression and/or lethargy. And even though walks with your dog are great, playtime with your dog is even better.

Dog Toy Suggestions

Below are some suggested dog toys to pick up when you adopt a new dog. Though there are many on the market, these are a few we have found most dogs and their owners use and enjoy.

Dog and Owner Exercise

Playing with your dog or pet – especially games involving balls or objects we suggest above, are great for a dog. Playing games with your dog can help build confidence in dogs that exhibit shy or quiet behavior. Additionally, using toys to play with your dog may help the dog with new experiences or situations, so long as you avoid dangerous dog toys that can hurt your pet. Playing can also help with behavioral problems by rewarding good behavior with fun, play and dog toys. In many cases, especially with more active dogs, dog toys and play can be better rewards than food or treats!

Bonding Between a Dog and its Owner

Using dog toys to play with your dog or puppy also helps you bond with your pet. Starting out young with puppies helps as they get older. Often, dogs and puppies can establish better people skills with dogs and people. And as your dog ages, dog play and toys, along with proper nutrition and vitamins, can help keep you dog happy, fit and trim for years to come.

And don’t forget, play isn’t just for dogs – most dog owners need it just as much. So go out and play with play with your dog or puppy today!