Grizzly Fish Oil Products for Dogs Reviews

Grizzly products for dogs

Grizzly products for dogsThe Grizzly company, based in Woodinville, WA makes all-natural type products for dogs, cats, and horses. Though of special interest to us, is the development and manufacture of Grizzly fish oil products for dogs.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

The products that Grizzly creates are based on the study and research documentation of the health benefits of daily fish-based supplements, especially for dogs. Fish oil, derived from Alaskan fish, contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements are beneficial for dogs in several ways.

Here are several Grizzly products for dogs that we highly recommend:

The story of the Grizzly company is an interesting one. According to the company website;

“The idea for our business was born when we discovered that many parts of wild-caught salmon were being discarded / going unused after the fish had been processed into filets for human consumption. By developing partnership agreements, and locating facilities adjacent to human-grade fish processing plants in Alaska, we were able to use the leftover co-products to extract our salmon oil with no extra processing, thus capturing far more of the high quality oils while utilizing the entire human-grade fish for a very good purpose: our pets!”

Fish Oil Promotes Healthy Skin and Beautiful Coats for Dogs

Grizzly fish oil for dog coats

Grizzly fish oil products benefit dogs in several ways. The fish oil provides Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which has much more of these fatty acids than deriving it from flaxseed or other plant sources. As a result, that extra EPA and DHA helps keep or restores your dog’s healthy skin.

Not only that, but by feeding your dog Grizzly fish oil products, it also helps them maintain a shiny hair coat, as well as assisting with joints and your best pals cardiovascular (heart) system.