How Often Should You Let Your Dog Out?

How Often Should You Let Your Dog Out?Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and they have a lot of needs that need to be met to ensure their health and happiness. Dogs need frequent exercise to stay healthy, so how often should you let your dog out before it becomes too much? Read on to learn more about the benefits of letting your dog out as well as how often you should do it.

Letting Your Dog Out is Perfect for Training

Whenever you let your dog outside, it helps them understand how to behave when they’re outdoors. Use this time to train your dog to sit, heel, and come when you call. Spend time with your dog whenever you do let him outside so that you create a strong bond. Take advantage of the times you let your dog out so you can practice new training techniques together. Depending on the breed, certain dogs will behave different from others when they’re outside. Learn more about your dog’s specific breed-based training needs so you can use outdoor time to train them in the most efficient way possible.

Let Your Dog Out for Bathroom Time

Potty training a dog can be tough, but you should keep your pet inside while you’re working on the process. Once your dog is housebroken, meaning that your dog does not require dog diapers or dog pee pads anymore, he or she should indicate when they want to go outside. Any time your dog shows signs that they “need to go,” you may want to oblige in order to avoid an accident. Train your dog to use specific body language that alerts you to their need to use the bathroom outdoors. A well-trained dog will let you know they’re ready to go out. In most cases, dogs may need to use the bathroom outside three to five times per day.

Keep Your Dog Happy with Outdoor Exercise

Some dogs are more hyper than others, but all canines need proper outdoor exercise. If you work during the day and leave your dog inside, let them out as soon as you get home. Allowing your furry friend to explore the backyard will make them happy and help them release any pent-up energy. It’s also a good way to let your dog mark their territory and check out their “world” to make sure that everything is safe. Not only should you let your dog outside in the afternoon, but you should also give them a bit of outside time in the morning whenever possible. Frequent outdoor exercise will ensure a happy and healthy dog.

Takeaway Tips for Dog Owners

If you have one dog or several, you know that training and keeping them healthy requires a lot of work. When it comes to how often you should let your dog outside, remember these tips so you can make sure your dog is happy and healthy:

  • Train your dog early so they understand commands and know how to be well-behaved whenever they’re outside.
  • Teach your dog to alert you when they need to use the bathroom so you can let them outside and avoid having a possible accident that requires you having to clean dog urine from your carpet.
  • Let your dog out in the morning and in the afternoon as soon as you get home if you leave them indoors during the day.
  • Give your dog the freedom to run around so they can get proper exercise and release any pent-up energy they’re holding on to.
  • Use toys or balls to play with your dog outside, and take advantage of these toys for training purposes.
  • Reward your dog when they behave so that they understand the power of positive reinforcement.
  • Use cranberry supplements to offset incontinence if your dog has continued issues with using the bathroom so you don’t have to clean up urine

There’s no specific answer when it comes to wondering how often you should let your dog out. As long as they’re getting the proper exercise and good training, letting them outside on occasion should result in a healthy and happy dog. If you notice that your dog needs to go outside more often to use the bathroom, consider a visit with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health problems. A dog that gets to be outside will stay strong, healthy, and content.