How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean & Healthy

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 dog’s well-being can be affected by the condition of his or her teeth. Due care should be taken to stay on top of your furry friend’s dental hygiene. In this article, we will discuss 4 ways you can help your dog maintain a squeaky-clean smile.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy by Offering Things to Chew On

The plaque that grows on a dogs teeth can breed bacteria that can cause periodontal disease and pain. This can serve as a breeding ground for infections that can spread to the kidneys, heart, and liver, potentially shortening a dog’s life. A dog can scrape away the buildup on his or her teeth by gnawing on a toy made of nylon or hard rubber.

Encourage your pup to munch on a chew toy after dinner. You can also provide him or her with large, uncooked cow bones. Stay away from bones made of potato, corn, or rice flour, as these will stick to your pet’s teeth instead of scrubbing them. Always supervise your dog, as a bone may splinter and create a choking hazard.

Brush Regularly to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Your dog will benefit immensely when you incorporate tooth brushing into your daily regime. You can use a regular toothbrush to do this, and it is recommended that you use a brush with soft bristles. Purchase canine toothpaste that is safe for your furry friend to swallow, and it will have a flavor, like poultry or seafood, that your pet will enjoy. Stay away from toothpastes designed for human beings, as these contain detergents and other ingredients that are not intended to be swallowed. Start slowly, and work your way up to brushing longer, as your dog becomes more comfortable with having his or her teeth brushed.

Use Dental Pads Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

If your schedule does not permit you to brush your dog’s teeth, you can always use a dental pad, available at most pet stores, to clean your pet’s teeth. While not as good as brushing, this still prevents a layer of plaque from accumulating. Clean your pet’s gum line as well. You can also use a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger if you do not have access to a dental pad or wipe.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy by Choosing Hard Food 

Choose quality food for your pet. Foods like meats, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid grains, as these are sticky and will be more likely to leave residue behind. You can also provide carrots, apples, or pumpkin, and this will also work to remove food particles and debris from your dog’s mouth.

Keeping your dogs teeth clean and healthy, along with providing the proper amount of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements, will give your best friend many future healthy years of life.