How to Pick the Best Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Best Dog Breed for Your LifestyleSomeone who spends their days wishing for a wagging tail to be greeting them at the door might be ready to take the next big step and adopt a dog. However, not every dog breed is right for every person. An aspiring pet owner should take the time to evaluate their current living situation. Then they should compare that with the needs and characteristics of the dog breed they are considering.

This guide will help explain the best ways to pick the right dog breed for any lifestyle.

Consider Availability

Adopting a dog is a major time commitment. So any new pet owner must be ready to spend time helping their pet adjust to life within their home. However, some dog breeds require more attention, exercise and play time than others. When trying to decide on the right dog, an individual must consider the amount of time that they are away from the house each day, as well as other personal and professional commitments that they have. As well as the animals particular diet needs. Some dogs may require a grain free diet, while others may not. In general, dogs are social creatures who prefer to spend quality time with their humans as much as possible, and potential pet owners must take note of this prior to adopting a dog.

Assess the Family Dynamic

Since the beginning of time, it seems that dogs have been a welcome part of any family dynamic. While dogs make a great family pet, not every dog breed prefers to spend their days with young children or elderly adults who can’t provide them with the active lifestyle that they crave. Families with young children (or young couples who may have children in the next several years) should verify that the breed they are considering does in fact get along well with kids. Adults who do not have children or who have a more sedentary lifestyle should consider a breed that enjoys cuddling and lounging rather than romping and running.

Evaluate the Space

Possible pet owners need to consider the amount of space that they have. And how this space will work for the size of the breed they are considering. Also understand that some dog breeds are healthier than other breeds.

In addition to health, the size of a dog’s breed is important. People who live in apartments may want to consider a smaller dog breed.This is particularly for those that require going up and down several flights of stairs to get outside. Those who have large yards can consider a dog breed that likes to spend its time roaming outside. As a general rule of thumb, larger dogs are going to need more space both indoors and outdoors. While smaller dogs may be more suitable for those with less indoor and outdoor living space.

Learn More About the Breed

Sometimes, an individual has their heart set on a specific breed, and they have a desire to bring that type of dog into their home. While many people have a natural inclination to certain dog breeds, it’s still important for all potential pet owners to take the time to learn more about the breed itself. Different breeds have specific personality traits, activity levels and physical abilities, and responsible dog owners should have a solid working knowledge of their chosen dog breed. After learning more about the breed and finding a reputable breeder, an individual will feel comfortable moving forward with the adoption.

Welcoming a new dog and choosing the right dog breed into the family is a commitment that comes with big responsibilities and even bigger rewards. Families that take the time to select the right dog breed for their current lifestyle will find that their new companion fits perfectly into their home.