6 Steps to Take Before Adopting a Dog From an Animal Shelter

How to adopt a dog from a shelter

Picking a reputable pet rescue or pet shelter when adopting a dog can be a stressful experience. After all, the shelter a person chooses when adopting a dog may have an impact on which pet is adopted. Knowing how to look for a shelter and what to look for is important. These six steps will help you adopt that special pet from a shelter or adoption agency:

  • Do the Research
  • Browse their Website
  • Know Shelter Requirements
  • Get References & Referrals
  • Talk to Your Vet
  • Get to Know Shelter Workers

Do the Research

Dog adopters must do research in advance to decide which type of dog is desired. Different shelters will have different pets. Some dog breeds may appear healthier and happier than others – depending on the shelter. Once the adopter is sure which breed fits their lifestyle and personality, they should be able to rule out shelters that don’t have that particular kind of animal.

Browse the Website

Once the adopter knows what type of dog they want to adopt, the search begins by looking at websites of different shelters in the area. Each website should describe the shelter’s policies and procedures. Dog adopters who are focused on rescuing an animal that might otherwise be euthanized should look for shelters that utilize this practice to control their animal population. Many shelters will post profiles and descriptions of each animal on their premises. Looking through this online directory, dog adopters can identify which pets most interest them. This can help them narrow their search for a new dog.

Find Out Their Requirements

Shelters typically have requirements for who can adopt their animals. Potential pet owners aren’t allowed to adopt a pet unless they meet with the shelter’s requirements. Many pet adopters find it helps to call ahead to each shelter and find out the requirements before showing up to pick up a dog. A potential pet owner who does not meet the shelter’s requirements may need to make changes to their home or lifestyle in order to adopt a dog from that shelter.

Different shelters have different requirements. Some shelters may require pet adopters to live in a house (versus an apartment). Many will require the pet adopter to have bedding, toys, and other supplies to help them take care of the pet. Some dogs may even require a dry grain free dog food. So make sure you have the right bedding, food and toys before bring your new dog home.

Pet adopters who are unable to get the answers they need by simply calling the shelter may also review a copy of a pet adoption application for information about requirements.

Get Referrals for Different Pet Shelters

Pet adopters who are faced with a lot of choices and just can’t seem to narrow down which pet shelter in their area is right for them can talk to friends or families in their neighborhood who adopted their pet. Getting a referral is an excellent way to find a shelter that takes good care of their animals. After getting a referral, adopters can also ask their friend or family member about the application process and how long it took. This can help them get a feel for what to expect when they apply.

Talk To A Veterinarian

Adopters who already own a pet can speak to their pet’s veterinarian. They should be able to name shelters that take the best care of their animals and are most likely to have the type of dog desired.

Meet With Animal Shelter Workers

Ultimately, the best to pick a shelter is to make appointment at each facility being considered. Before going to the shelter, pet adopters should write a list of questions. Then ask the questions at the shelter. These questions might range in topic from pet care practices to the adoption process. Speaking to the workers at each shelter can help pet adopters narrow their search.

A person adopting a dog must take steps to select the right shelter. Picking a good shelter can help make the pet selection process easier and more rewarding.