What Types of Dog Food Are There & What’s Best for Your Dog?

Dog food choices and bestDogs come in a range of sizes and breeds, and as a result, often have very different nutritional needs. To accommodate this need, there are many different types of dog food on the market. Gauging a dog’s nutritional needs can be a challenge for pet owners. Knowing the options and how they can affect your dog’s health can help you take care of your pet.

Dog Food Formulated for Dog Type

Many dog food companies will make dog foods that are formulated for different types of dogs. This helps guarantee that your dog will get the nutrition necessary for their body type. Read more What Types of Dog Food Are There & What’s Best for Your Dog?

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy in Colder Weather

Healthy dogs in winter timeIn most parts of the country, colder weather is upon us. So when it gets to be colder weather, we need to ask ourselves, how do we keep our pets and dogs healthy when cold weather strikes?

Should you live in a part of the country that never gets cold, consider you and your dog lucky! However, even in areas where it is always warm, there are weather events; rain, hail,wind and even very dry or humid air can affect your dogs health.

But colder weather seems to have more of an effect on dogs than other types of weather. Colder weather usually keeps us and our best friends inside more than warmer days or months.

It takes more effort to get our own coats, jackets, gloves and boots on to take our dogs outside in the winter than in the summer. And if there is snow, we have the added problems of wetness, cleared walking areas, salt and dirt debris and much colder weather. So how do we keep our dogs healthy when it gets colder? Read more How To Keep Your Dog Healthy in Colder Weather

6 Ways to Know if You Have a Healthy Dog

healthy dogMost dog owners want their dog to be healthy and happy. But how can a dog owner know if you have a healthy dog without going to the vet? Here are 6 easy ways to check to see if yourdog or puppy is healthy and happy.


1. Check Your Dog’s Hair, Coat and Skin

One of the most important things about your dog is their coat! A healthy coat of hair should be shiny, glossy and pliable to the touch – no dry and brittle hairs. The hair should also be free from any dandruff while the overall coat should be complete; no bald spots or places where the hair is thinning excessively. Read more 6 Ways to Know if You Have a Healthy Dog

Dog Heart Murmur: Does Your Pup Have One?

Dog Heart murmer topdogvitamins.com

Heart murmurs in dogs are typically extra heart vibrations or sounds that occur due to a disturbance in blood flow. The condition can be a symptom of an underlying condition in the heart or damage to the blood vessels.

As a pet owner, it helps to monitor your dog to identify any new signs. In some cases, the signs of murmurs are usually hard to detect. Most cases are usually identified during routine vet visits or when you the dog is taken to the vet for a different and unrelated problem.

In other cases, a dog heart murmur can reflect a severe heart disease. As such, it’s important to know if your dog has one.

Read on to learn more. Read more Dog Heart Murmur: Does Your Pup Have One?

Choosing the Right Diet for Your Dog

Dog diet top dog vitaminsMost people feed their dogs with only meat since they have the notion that dogs are strictly carnivorous. That should not be the case. First of all, unlike cats, dogs are not strictly carnivorous. They need to be given a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet should include non-meat foods such as fruits and vegetables since they are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and fiber among more.

The right diet for your dog is one that meets its nutritional needs. However, knowing which food is nutritious for a dog can be tricky especially if one has no experience with dogs. To identify the best foods, it is good that one seeks advice from a veterinary. Nevertheless, there are supplements one can use to ensure the dog is healthy regardless of the diet.

Here is a glimpse of some of the best supplements for a healthy dog; Read more Choosing the Right Diet for Your Dog