Colitis in Dogs: What You Should Be Watching For

Colitis dog topdogvitamins.comEveryone loves dogs. Which is why when there’s a problem with our dogs, we want to do everything in our power to help them and prevent whatever is bothering them from ever happening again.

And many things can cause problems with our dogs; fleas, ticks, food allergies, pad problems, tooth or mouth issues – the list is almost endless! 

But Colitis in dogs is a problem that could potentially affect any dog at any time. So knowing everything about it beforehand will help you to know exactly what to do when you notice it affecting your beloved pooch.

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Why Dog Vitamins?

Dog Vitamins for top dogs!

I have had dogs all my life, so why dog vitamins now?

Very often, dogs, and some other pets as well, may require vitamins as a healthy part of their diet. Just like humans, pets often need these additional boost of immune system vitamins or hip and joint supplements for proper health and nutrition. And just like us, dogs need proper nutrition for a great looking coat and skin!

But doesn’t the dog food I use have everything in it my dog needs? Great simple question! However, the answer is not so simple. An analogy may be in order; Would one human multivitamin (for both men, women, teens and children) be appropriate for all of these types of individuals? What is the man was 82 years old and infirm, while the teen was an active female athlete? Would they all need the same nutrition and one single vitamin? Of course not! Read more Why Dog Vitamins?