About Top Dog Vitamins

Topdogvitamins.com was started by a group of dedicated dog lovers – of all breeds, sizes and shapes 🙂 

Jackie sheldonJackie Shelton is the main driver and operator of the website. Jackie’s full time job is at Two Rabbits Media

You can follow Jackie’s Twitter feed here.

Jackie started topdogvitamins.com because she and her fellow dog-loving friends saw the need for a simple website to do two things; give good reviews of dog vitamins supplements and other things related to dogs – while also offering up advice through the blog about dogs and the world in which they live.

Though Jackie likes her job, she spends most of her free time outside and inside with her two rescue dogs. Yes, Jackie is a dog fanatic. Ever since Jackie was a young girl, she has loved dogs. Her first job in high school was at the local animal shelter, which she still visits when she visits her parents. Though she wouldn’t admit it, Jackie may like dogs a bit more than Jackie with one of her dogspeople. 😉

When Jackie isn’t out with her dogs, you can find her watching Star Wars reruns or attending Star Wars conventions and conferences. Her favorite character is, of course, her kinda look alike, Princess Leia  (RIP Carrie). Princess Leia exhibits the strong and independent female character that Jackie admires and tries to emulate, both in her job, caring for her dogs and running topdogvitamins.com

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